Joque Strap-on

Created by women, the Joque strap-on by Spareparts famous brand is a reference in its domain.
Made of elastic top quality fabrics, our harness fits the female body gently with a set of adjustable buckles  Once the settings, an easy opening system you will not touch it.
The principle of use is just as effective: just drag your sex toy into the opening provided and fun couple!
Available in two sizes, Joque is also easy to maintain : it is machine washable or hand.

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The Joque strap-on by Spareparts is specially designed by lesbians for lesbians.

Admit it: you’ve been dreaming about one for a long time, and here it is!  If ordinary hetero-strap-ons are no longer the stuff of your dreams then try the Spareparts strap-on. It’s top of the range and well ahead of the competition.

If you’re fed up with leather strap-ons that are a bit too much or too tight or that break after repetitive use, then you’ll welcome the Joque strap-on.  Goodbye leather, hello stretchy materials!  The result is elegant and sensual, but also practical and comfortable.  The elastic loops mean you can adjust the strap-on to your exact measurements. Even the panties on the strap-on come in 5 different colors. 

You’ll love the 3 loops for adjusting the size of this strap-on to your exact measurements.  We’ve thought of everything to make it easy to use.  You only need to adjust it once, thanks to the Velcro fastener which opens and closes in 2 seconds (see the video).

You can position your sex toy in just a few moments so it doesn’t interrupt the mood with your partner. Push it through until it reaches the interior stop and it’s done (see the video).

You can then close the flaps to avoid the sex toy causing friction to the clitoris but you can also leave them open and experience intense stimulation if you are using the Fusion sex toy, for example. Share more pleasure with adding up to 2 mini bullets vibrators in the Joque harness.

The Joque strap-on can be washed by hand or machine, making it as practical as it is comfortable. 

It is best to avoid the clothes dryer.

Watch the instructional videos here to choose the correct size




(low waist inches)











Made in the USA and One year warranty. 

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